Wednesday, October 20, 2010

If I Were Your Realtor...

If I were your realtor, I would certainly be torn.

While I'd love almost nothing more than to find you your ideal home, I would probably become very accustomed to staring at you and nodding my head in mesmerized agreement when you said things like "What a fantastic view, Jamie." or "This is gorgeous, Jamie."

All professionalism aside, you are a fantastic view. Gorgeous, too. But professionalism always wins, so we would set off to find exactly what you want while I made sure you didn't fall into any of those fantastic views.

You'd tell  me there's just one thing - just one - you need in a home: an aesthetically inspiring kitchen like no other. So I'd show you this one.

"Too colorful," you'd declare while shaking your head. I'd decide not to show you the living room.

Weeks and hopefully months would pass before we finally found your perfect kitchen. It would look a lot like this one.

I'd be rather sad we'd found it, but only for a half-second or two. Because then you'd tell me there was just one more thing - just one - you needed in a home: an aesthetically inspiring bath like no other.

It would be months until we found this.

But before we settled, you'd tell me there's just one last thing - just one - you needed in a home: a place to hang your canoe.

I am a very good realtor.

As always, all photos are linked to their original sources, or as close as I could get! Blessings...