Monday, October 25, 2010

Fresh Paint...

I grew up girly in a bedroom decorated with layers and layers (and layers!) of pink.

Either my mom or I would update my room frequently, happily sprinkling into the mix anything pinker than the previous, until it was an amazing explosion of fuschias.

It was like living inside a peony, I think. And it was perfect, until I grew up and determined that pink was utterly unacceptable for a grown-up girl.

Don't worry. I only lost my mind for a few years. Now, I've wholeheartedly returned to pink, happily sprinkling it into my mix without anything exploding.

I once found a fabulous home for an equally fabulous interior designer, and I still remember how she emphasized the importance of pink. Especially in powder rooms.

"Everyone looks more beautiful when lit by a soft pink glow."

After visiting her home a few months after she settled, I can tell you she is right. I've never looked more beautiful than I did in her guest bath.

So I've been begging for her secret tint ever since. As soon as she spills it, I promise I'll share.