Monday, December 12, 2011

Catching Dreams...

There's a girl at the beach waiting for a someday sunny forecast, a love with whom she can share the sand, and a giant wave to come wash her truth away. On another continent, on different sands altogether, another girl sits wishing she was more to her father than a wife to give away. She dreams of being a doctor and saving lives, but she can't even save her own; in two days time, she'll marry a man fifteen years her senior.  And she'll be his third wife. She has forty-eight hours to make her dream come true.

Far outside Paris, a girl sits in a cafe sipping the water she'd ordered hours ago, pretending she's almost ready to order something from the menu. The old waitress looks the other way; she knows the girl is dying to be an artist and trying to come up with the train fare to get to the city where she thinks all magic comes true. She might be right, the waitress thinks. Everyone needs a dream. Even though she'd long-forgotten her own. And who knows? The girl could very well become an artist. She's already starving.

And in a crowded restaurant in Malibu, surrounded by her favorite family and friends, all smiling with joy, he asks her to marry him. A dream come true, sealed with a diamond found by a girl a million miles away in a crowded mine, surrounded by her family and friends, no one smiling at all. Someday, she'll have a diamond of my own, the girl dreams. And as soon as I do, I'm out of here. No looking back.

Dreams. They save us all, don't they? 

So let's hang our dream-catchers tonight and save ourselves. Let's save each other, too. Every night and every day, believing fiercely that our dreams will come true.

And so will hers. No looking back.