Friday, May 20, 2011

Slow Down, Mister...

I had a coffee in one hand and a fat bouquet of blooms in my other, fast on my way to meet a client for a very special showing, when all of a sudden right smack in the middle of my path was a dad and his little boy. Stopped. Just looking in a bakery window. Taking their sweet time.

I twirled around them, my cup high over my head. "Whoops!" I said.

The two of them looked at me with that same look they'd been eying the sweets. Matching eyes. Matching everything. Amazing. Miniature versions get me every time.

"Whoops!" the little boy repeated, as if that was the first time he'd heard the word. "Slow down, mister."

The dad laughed and quickly corrected his son. "Baby, she's not a mister. She's a lady. Say 'Slow down, lady.'"

His little guy obliged. "Slow down, lady."

"Sorry," the dad said to me. "I'm sure you've never been called mister before!"

We all laughed together for a second before I continued on my way. I turned around when I got to my car, and they were still way back by the bakery. I have to tell you, I envied their pace.

It's a delicious reminder, don't you think? Stop and look in that bakery window. Gaze awhile. Think long and hard about what you want before you go and get it. Take a deep breath before you dive in. And then devour every last mouth-watering morsel. No regrets.

I guess that all applies even when we're not talking about a bakery, yes?


This looks like a gorgeous walk. Wishing you take a stroll this weekend, too. Tell me what you're planning on taking your own sweet time with, will you? I can't wait to hear...