Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lovely Little Messages...

I was waiting for a client yesterday and just spinning through my text messages. I was so glad she was late, because at least fifteen minutes later, I was still smiling at all my love letters.

My day is full of them. I swear, my BlackBerry is my little love machine...blowing me kisses with every text and email from my mom and sister, my dad and little brother, friends and colleagues and even one or two new friends who tend to get very fresh yet ever so delicious, too! You know I'm a fan of the bold text!

The funny thing about them all is that everyone calls me by another name besides Jamie. Actually, if I get a message from someone addressed to Jamie, it's usually someone who barely knows me.

I have a friend who I've known for years. Years! Her name is Mimi. Sometimes we call her Mims. I met her sister, who called her Philly. I just assumed it was a sister thing. Then she turned into a client, and all of a sudden I had paperwork with the name Philomina all over it! It was the strangest thing, but I love that her given name had been kind of a little secret.

At any given moment on any given day, I'm probably reading "Good Morning, Sunshine!" and "Call me right away, Muffin Love...I've got juicy news!" and "Jamie Michelle, This is your dad and I love you." and "Dear Auntie, Thank you for our Easter treat!" Oh, those sweet nephews of mine! And how cute is my dad texting? This is your dad. Could you die? I'm lucky.

It just sends me, knowing that there are people out there who care love me, I guess. To take their time and send me their love. It's incredible, if you really think about it. They're gifts, those lovely little messages. 

And I'm saving them all.

What do others call you? By your given name or by a special one? I'd love to know! Love letters from here and here!