Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Still Blushing...

A few weeks ago, I went to a private party for a dear friend at a fabulous restaurant. My bests and I were dolled even better than usual because...well...there would be cake and champagne! Or maybe just because it was Saturday night.

We stopped off at the lounge first to check ourselves out before heading to the main table, and I casually mentioned that I'd just gotten back from Cocktail Wax.

This treatment is my absolute favorite. If you haven't tried it yet, you must must must! Don't be scared...it's one of those life-changing choices.

"Let me see!" begged one of my girls. I gave her a peek and she was sold. "Give me the number."

Another girl we didn't know was in the lounge at the same time, and asked if she could see, too. Awkward. But it was a festive Saturday night, so I pulled my skirt a little lower to show her the sparklies. She, too, was sold and asked for the number.

"I bet my new boyfriend will love it!"

We all walked out together and said goodbye, have a good night, and all those other things strangers say to each other after seeing your Swarovski Crystal Brazilian. But she kept following us to our friend's party. And then she sat down across the table from me. Next to her new boyfriend who was sure to love the Swarovski Crystal Brazilian she would definitely schedule in the coming week.

He was my ex. And, take it from me...she was right. He would love it.

I'm still blushing, but now able to laugh about the entire situation! Photos from here and here.