Thursday, February 3, 2011

But You Said I Could Contact You For Rates...

I'm fairly confident when it comes to real estate. To me, it's a delectable blend of sales and marketing with generous sprinkles of charm and luck.

Charm and luck are definitely my favorite parts.

But blogging is proving to be more difficult for me. It's such foreign water that I find myself just floating along without any ideas of where I'm headed.

About a month after I started writing here and my other site, I thought it was time to advertise. I'm a realtor, after all, so it's in my blood to give people directions and help them find my homes. I noticed that all my favorite bloggers invited readers and potential advertisers to contact them for ad rates. So I did. 

Ten polite notes sent. Zero responses received.

Okay, I thought. I'd have to find another way to sell my calendar and Twenty Questions cards. Maybe naughty texts aren't for everyone. (Which is shocking to me, truly, but that's another post. Tentatively titled Why Doesn't Everyone Love Naughty Texts?)

Another month passed and I started submitting work to a few other publications, both online and in print. I wanted to promote this site and my writing...for no other reason than to introduce others to me and increase my online marketability for my real estate brand. So I wrote again to ten of my favorites. Again, zero responses received.

I think blogging isn't much different from real estate. It takes more than a sign in the front yard and a bucket full of hope for people to find and love and want to buy in to your home. And as much as I realize this blog is for fun and only a very subtle extension of my brand, the realtor in me can't help but want you to find and love and want to buy in to my home.

What's your philosophy on advertising? Have you ever asked other bloggers for ad space and been ignored?

Oh, I hope you say yes to that one. I hope this has happened to you, too. Because it all makes me feel...not good enough.

I really am trying to be good enough.

Speaking of homes, I'm mad for wallpaper artist Alix Soubiran's LA pad. Such light, right?