Friday, January 21, 2011

Weekend Wishes...

One of my bests is headed off on a romantic wine-tasting weekend with her man. 

They're staying in the cutest bed and breakfast, and she's only bringing her sexiest dresses to traipse around the little town. That girl always seems like she's in costume, always channeling Old Hollywood starlets when she plans her wardrobe. I think this weekend, she's a mix of Hedy Lamarr and Sophia Loren.

I'm sure they'll enjoy two days of tasting and nibbling, riding rented bikes through the moonlight, and singing karaoke boldly at a little bar where no one knows them. Hopefully. She'll laugh her Julia Roberts' guffaw so much that her stomach muscles will groan at her joy.

I, however, will be working. And although I ADORE my work, a few days of wine-tasting and bad karaoke sounds pretty delectable, doesn't it? All is well, though, because I'm planning a little sneak-away on Saturday night.

Not too far away. Perhaps a picnic in my back yard. No bikes or karaoke, but maybe there will be some tasting and nibbling! Hopefully.

Have any wonderful weekend plans? Sending you wishes for romance and lots of laughter. You deserve it. Photos via Hipster Sisters.