Thursday, January 13, 2011

Unsolicited Advice...

I live in a tremendously social city, so there are always loads of parties filling up the back end of my week. This is a problem for a girl who has a terrible time with "No, thank you. I can't make it."

Client parties are often the worst, because they've invited you to be nice and you're attending to be nice and everything's quite nice, indeed. Until your best texts that there's a table waiting at Gjelina along with a platter of Kumamoto Oysters, and all of a sudden nothing's quite nice at all. Indeed.

"Spill something on yourself!" My friend instructed.

"What?" She was crazy! I was wearing Anna Sui.

"I read where any host will forgive you if you've spilled something on yourself and have to leave the party. Here." She switched my red with her white, and ordered, "Do it."

Less than forty-five minutes later, I was at Gjelina with my beloved oysters.

I haven't tried that trick since. It made me feel...less me. And, truth be told, the oysters tasted less than magical that night. 

Women who probably never make excuses when they're leaving a party found here. And please share your escape plan with me! I'd love to hear it!