Monday, January 31, 2011


One of my friends asked how I do it.

"How I do what?" I asked in all honesty. Balance my career and personal lives? Find the energy to run my big bad wolf Max twice every day and hit a hoop class? Watch every episode of The Bachelor and never get tired of it? Make my own pasta? How do I do what?

"Start texting...naughtily." she answered.

Oh, that's an easy one.

"The next compliment you get from someone - whether it's from your client or your mom or a complete stranger - tell him about it." 

In my experience, it's a lot more difficult to tell someone her smile melts you...but when you're agreeing with a waiter that she won the smile lottery, it takes a lot of the awkwardness away.

So my friend sent off the first compliment she received; an elderly man had just hit on her, wistfully telling her "If only I were younger..." However, she forgot the word on, which sparked a frantic barrage of texts from her man:

"Are you okay?"

"Should I call the police?"

"Where are you...I'll come now!"

"Why would an old man HIT you?"


She has gotten better at proof-reading her texts before she sends them. And when she finally explained her message properly, she received the following response:

"Well...The old man has good taste."

Do you send flirty text messages? Do they work? I hope that's two large yesses from you! Happy Monday, everyone. Let's have a fabulous week! Photos via cupcakes and chaos.