Friday, January 7, 2011

How To Shine...

I have to be honest; the past day or two haven't been my favorites. I'm not complaining! But, somehow, just by telling you I lost my luster for a moment or helps.

So thank you for you, wherever you may be.

Yesterday, I noticed that I tend to spritz away sadness. One more shot of Chanel, another dose of Diptyque, and I'm smiling for a second or two. Maybe the man next to me in the elevator is not, but a girl has to think of herself first sometimes, right?

Yesterday, my life changed a little. I'd been gifted this for Christmas, but hadn't yet taken it out of its box. I'm so sad I missed thirteen days of shimmer.

Here's the product description: This precious bottle becomes a spray bottle that releases a light powder, caressing the skin like a breeze, leaving behind a luminous halo with delicately iridescent reflections. Deliciously perfumed with violet, it subtly embellishes the face, body, and hair with a shimmering bronze glow. 

Not a lie. Buy yours here. And I hope your weekend looks a lot like a post from Oracle Fox. Such a hot spot...