Monday, December 13, 2010


I hosted a beautiful pre-Christmas dinner for my family and friends before my mom heads back to Nova Scotia. I'm deliriously exhausted and happy. How I wish I could bottle this feeling for days that aren't so perfect.

Wouldn't that be great? We could open a shop, all of us, and offer a smattering of our best moments. Like that day you rocked a huge meeting, the night your 7s fit like they were made for you...or that moment you found your one true thing. Bottled to borrow.

What would you share?

The only thing missing from my party was this disco ball chandelier; if only it had been glistening from my ceiling. Imagine waking up to a Studio 54 dance party every morning! Brilliant. Via my new obsession. I seem to find another daily. Is that healthy? I hope so...Happy Monday, everyone!