Wednesday, December 15, 2010

If I Were Your Realtor...{Melissa Loves}

If I were Melissa's realtor, I'd brush my teeth a few extra times after each of our viewings; she is surely that sweet. And, I'd soon learn, the most optimistic, cheerful person in the known universe.

For example, I could show her this bath. Other clients might call it a tight space or cramped or simply too small. Not Melissa. She'd smile at the idea of whispering to her husband around the corner, and declare it perfectly intimate. And so it would be.

Most clients would see this kitchen and never leave. But not Melissa. Oh, she'd be quite complimentary and beyond polite...but, you see, it just wouldn't be her sort of space.

No. It would take a kitchen like this one to make Melissa smile.

I'd quickly learn that it would take spaces that had been clearly and unequivocally loved to sway Melissa. A space where her artistic little girls could be...well...artistic little girls! A swing wouldn't hurt, either.

It would be a space where her beloved guests could put up their feet, rest their weary, revel in all the indie art Melissa's collected. She'd never worry about dirt or doggie messes or spilled reds; to a gem like Melissa, life is messiest when it's most loved.

One thing I'd need to remember, though, is to find her a home with a bright place in which to blog. If you've ever read her cheerful posts or been fortunate enough to earn one of her loving comments, you'll understand why this is integral; the Internet is a brighter place with her in it.

That little spot at the end of the table has a cuppa, a colorful view, and space for her girls' drawings just waiting for her. As it should be.

Visit Melissa here daily, and you must also browse her shop. She makes jewelry! Images, in order, found on Marie Claire Maison, VT Interiors, The Diversion ProjectShannon Fricke, and My Ideal Home.