Monday, November 8, 2010

Fresh Paint...

I have a friend whose childhood home was lined with fabric; from the muted celadon-esque great hall to an outrageously giant-sized Dahlia pattern in the formal dining room and a neon-yellow Dandelion print in her bedroom, it was a textbook case of cushioned insane asylum overkill.

That's often the way with wall-coverings, isn't it? I've toured a lifetime of homes that could have slid onto the pages of Elle Decor if only the decorator had stopped before his or her design statement turned into a bad romance novel.

Kelly Wearstler is the undisputed Queen of Pattern. For me, her taste is inspiring in so many ways, but non-transferable in any way into my own life. I can safely promise you that my foyer will never look as outrageously bold as one she's designed. I'm kind of sad about that.

I didn't grow up in a home with walls a-papered, and my current home is also paper-free. But if I was a wall-covering kind of a girl?

I would love it to be interactive.

Begging three-dimensionally to be touched.

And reflective of the space itself.

To me - a California girl through and through - the most covetable of all coverings would be a sunny sky scene on the ceiling. It could make even the darkest days so much brighter, right?

Maybe I don't wallpaper of any kind. Maybe I'm just craving that indoor pool!