Monday, October 4, 2010


If I were a fruit, I bet I'd be a pomegranate; a little exotic, but very good for you. Or maybe I'd be a clementine. They're sweet and mostly everyone loves them, yet there's also that unmistakable tanginess.

If I were a city, I'd love to be known as Budapest; rooted, chic, and carefree.

If I were drapes, I'd be sheer and rather endless. Maybe I'd even cause you to tilt your head to one side and stare for a minute or two, but eventually declare " works."

And if I were a mural? I'd like to think you'd need a bit of scaffolding and a rather grand wall for little old me.

But if I were the artwork over your fireplace? Oh, this would do nicely...

How about you? Are you as enamored with The If Game as I am? Do tell, won't you?

Aren't these images stunners? Not to mention incredibly inspiring for our own spaces. I really want to enlarge all my photos now...maybe not up to six meters tall, but larger nonetheless! All are linkable to their sources. Just click. And have a wonderful Monday!