Monday, October 18, 2010

Fresh Paint...

I've never understood why yellow isn't everyone's favorite color. It floors me, to be honest.

You wouldn't believe the number of clients I've had who refused to buy a house until the yellow kitchen or the yellow bath or the yellow bedroom was repainted. One of my favorites even scrunched up her nose and named one home - whose entire interior was painted yellow - The Urinal.

It's kind of hard for any realtor to re-market that.

But I see yellow and think sunkisses and smiles. Lemon drops and Golden Delicious. Convertibles and Chardonnays.

Twinkly lights and hope. Yes, I quite like yellow. How does it make you feel?

Every photo is linked except for that fanastic dress. I have no earthly idea from where that one came, but I'd love to know! It would be a killer addition to my closet. Happy Monday, everyone! Blessings...